Green Certification for Hotels, Resorts, B & Bs, Lodges, Vacation Homes and Restaurants

Green certification isn’t a question of if; it’s a matter of when...

Green certification through Eco Crown Hospitality is designed to give you every advantage:

  • Green certification systems designed specifically for each category of the hospitality industry including, hotels/resorts, B & Bs, restaurants, lodges and vacation homes.
  • Green standards developed by Eco Crown Hospitality and globally recognized by Travelocity, Expedia, the UN and our government certification partners. You are always up to date with the latest standards.
  • Fully supported, regularly monitored, fast and easy – handled completely online.
  • Immediately improves your bottom line – our green audits cut your costs.
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What are the benefits of Green Certification by Eco Crown Hospitality?

Because Eco Crown’s Green Certification programs for hotels/resorts and the hospitality industry are online, you just sign up, sign in, and submit your eco-audit required documentation.

It’s that easy. We do all the work; you get all the benefits, such as:

  • Support for your company-wide environmental implementation and day-to-day operations including concrete recommendations for management and staff.
  • Free listing on our global green hospitality marketing sites and
  • Eco Management Handbook & Manual - 111 pages of sustainable practices, department training suggestions and worksheets for each department.
  • Monthly newsletters, updates, best operating procedures, information and regularly updated green vendor lists targeting your specific hospitality industry whether it’s B&B, vacation homes, resorts/hotels or restaurants.
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If you manage resorts, hotels or any hospitality business, you can start your audit right now and have your first green audit finished today! Isn’t that what you’ve been searching for? Simply sign up, sign in, and get green certification that’s recognized in every corner of the globe...

How easy is Green Certification by Eco Crown Hospitality?

You begin by simply signing up for Eco Crown’s Green Certification program and paying the small fee. You have a choice of hotels/resorts, B & Bs, restaurants, lodges and vacation homes.


  • Fill out a questionnaire - don't worry about completing it all at once; your score is automatically updated as you complete it, and you can sign in at any time
  • Based on your answers, you receive points towards your organic award
  • Within 48 hours you will be notified of your green award results, member ID and member password
  • You then have 14 days to submit your eco-audit required documents
  • Within 14 days of receiving your green-audit documents you will receive your ‘Eco Crown Certification’ certificate and award logo link
  • And that’s all there is to it! Start now...

If you manage hotels, resorts or any hospitality business, sign up, sign in, and get globally recognized green certification.